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Sometimes I don't have much to say, sometimes I have a lot to say. you might laugh or get mad or ignore or dismiss it all... either way you're here, I'm here, let's just make the best of it
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And now, Turkey



SPOTLIGHT: Sculptures by Antony Gormley

Legendary sculptor Antony Gormley riffs on space and the human form. His works explore the interior space we feel within our own bodies — and the exterior space we feel around us, knowing that we are just dots in space and time.

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Blac Bloc São Paulo distribute gifts, teach art, and read books to children

Young, masked, dressed in black, and exercising Blac Bloc tactics, activists distributed gifts, taught art, and read books to children on Tuesday December 24th in the square of the 
São Paulo Cathedral. The act, dubbed Operation “Velho Batuta,” was closely monitored by police.


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Jenny Harmsen - Iceland

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Javier Barriga Meersohn


Javier Barriga Meersohn

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